Gathering Information Skill Challenge

The players must research into the language of the scroll taken from the assassins and find someone who can translate it. In order to do this the players must complete certain tasks each of which will give them a clue to help them complete their task. The research will lead them to find out that a group of nomads in the Sunset Mountains may be able to translate this language.

Father Leoward will give suggestions for the players on how to conduct their research. He will suggest they split up to cover the most ground.

Library Research

Father Leoward will suggest to first look in the library in town for any information on the language.

Complexity 1 – 4 Successes before 2 Failures

Primary Skills: Acana, Diplomacy, Religion

  • A DC 25 Acana check will have the player discover that the language is a variation of the Supernal language, though it seems to be heavily changed. This is the common language for angels, devils and gods.
  • A DC 20 Diplomacy check on scholers in the library will have them help find books that could possibly help. This will give a +2 to Acana checks.
  • A DC 25 Religion check will find reference to the Queen of Air, Akadi. A Primodial who some worship as a Diety.

Any further successfull attempts of any attempted skill will grant a +2 bonus to the next attempt, any failures will result in a – 2.

Street Chase

Complexitity n/a

On completion of the library research the player with the highest passive perception notices someone watching them. The spy notices and looks like he grabs a weapon but looks around and decides against attacking and begins to run from the library.

Primary skills: Athletics, Acrobatics, bluff, Endurence

The checks needed to jump walls etc.. do not count towards the pass or fails of the challenge but can grant bonuses.

  • The spy will run from the library and into an ally, the players that follow will have to make a DC 17 Athletics check to jump over a low wall. Success means the chase continues without problem, failure means the player stumbles and take a -2 to speed for his next movement.
  • The spy will climb onto the roof of a near by building, this will require a DC 17 Athletics check to climb. The spy will continue along, jumping from roof to roof, this will require a DC 17 athletics check to jump. Each success continues the chase as normal, each fail gives a -2 to speed for the next movement.
  • Bluff checks can be made to distract or confuse the spy, success will result in a -2 to his speed. Endurence checks can be made to run faster, success will give a +2 to speed for the next movement.

Once caught the spy will talk with a DC 15 diplomacy or intimidate check. He knows the following:

  • He works for Tramorn and is a Shar cultist
  • Was sent to spy on the players and stop them discovering any more than they know already
  • A DC 23 Diplomacy or intimidate check, he will tell them that the language is

After telling this he will quickly say some kind of spell that kills him.


Speak with the merchants

If the players tell Father Leoward about the language he will tell them that those who speak supernal are usually highly devote preists and the obscure dialect probably means that any who know it will be of a very random sect. He will advise the players to talk to any mercenarys and travelling merchants still in the town, as they will have more knowledge of the remote areas around Triel which such an order may reside. He suggests they start at the Rat Hole Tavern in the poor district.

Complexity 1 – 4 successes before 2 failures

Primary skills: Intimidate(DC 27), Diplomacy(DC 23), Bluff(DC 20) Secondary skills: Insight, perception

First success: The mercenarys seem more willing to help, maybe they trust the players more or they are scared of them.

Second Success: One of them thinks they have seen the language before but has no idea what it is, but wants to get something for this information.

Third Success: The players could bribe, intimidate or persuade the mercenary to tell them where he has seen it. He will tell them that a few years ago he met a monk somewhere north of Triel who had parchment with runes that looked like the ones the players have.

Fourth Success: The players will be told that the mercenary met this monk in the Sunset Mountains.

First Failure: The mercenarys wont be interested in the players and will tell them to go away.

Second Failure: The mercenarys will attack the players.

Gathering Information Skill Challenge

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