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  • Triel

    The city sits next to the Forest of Wyrms, which was once inhabited by Dragons. The City is an economic hot spot, situated just west of Baulders Gate, many traders going to and from the great City travel through Triel.

    *Places of interest*

  • Triel Keep

    The Keep is placed upon a hill at the western side of the city, the Duke, his family and many others reside here.

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  • Temple Academy

    The Order of the Gods reside here, teaching others about the all the gods.

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  • Market District

    This is the busiest part of the city, many traders from Baulders Gate stop here on their way past, and almost anything can be bought. This also means that thieves flourish amongst the rich and well paid. There is one inn here called the Golden Spoon, …

  • The poor district

    This is not far from the market district and it is where the majority of the citizens live, though it is not a bad place to live, the conditions are better than most similar places and the Guild of Thieves keeps everything in order, in fact a person in …

  • The upper district

    This is the part of the city nearest to the keep, the wealthier of Triels citizens live here. There are two inns here, The Butchers Dog and The Dragon Keep. The latter is a little famous for the owner is the great great grandson of Ronild Foxen who …

  • Father Leoward

    High ranking member of the Order of the Gods. This is an order that is dedicated to not one god but to the furtherment of religious education. He is a short balding man, but looks to be well built.

  • Duke Beltin

    The duke of the City of Triel. He is a tall man, obviously was once a warrior. He is regarded as a great general and his people are very loyal to him.

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